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When was the first time you lost 100 pounds in a couple of weeks? Is it possible to get rid of your weight faster than you did yesterday?

“Fast” is more of a concept of body composition change as compared to weight loss.”

While it is possible to get rid of your weight faster than you did yesterday, you simply need to eat less calories per day (as you naturally lose). If you have some time (and patience) you can eat a lot more to lose weight faster than you did yesterday.

Your body needs more calories than you would eat if you wanted to continue gaining. Your metabolism requires fewer calories to produce energy. If you eat less calories than you need to keep yourself balanced, you will start to gain weight. On the other hand, if you eat enough to maintain your weight, you will not gain any weight.

When you eat less calories than you need to maintain your weight, your body will require less energy and use less muscle mass. Your body will use some fat (or body fat if you are extremely lean) which you have just burned. When you are overweight you will gain muscle mass which you have stored for a long time (since you never burned it).

The energy you burn will not be equal to the calories required to maintain your weight. If you can only burn about 30% of your calories for maintenance, you will lose weight. If you can burn 60% of your calories for maintenance, you will get back on track.

You can lose the weight you gain faster if you eat the right foods. These foods are your body’s “fat burners”.

So what are the best foods for weight loss? These foods are the good foods you need to lose weight fast.

If you are overweight and need to lose body fat, your body will need to burn more calories than it needs to maintain your weight. If any of the following foods are eaten everyday, then your body will use fewer and less calories than it uses to maintain your weight:

Reduced fat food containing less than 0.5% saturated fat

Reduced fat meal replacements like salad dressing, dressing, margarine or spreads

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Reduced fat foods containing greater than or equal to 9% saturated fat

Dietary fiber

Sugar-free sweets and soft drinks containing no added sugar

Fruit and vegetable juices (no added sugar)

Low-fat milk (no added fat) (or skim milk if you are

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