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Here are some things tattoo artists have been doing that I don’t like.

Boring Tasks

I’ve always enjoyed having fun tattooing and the best part about the process is putting those feelings to good use when you get done. I do a good job at the process. As I’m getting tattooed at this particular studio, I hear a buzzing, buzzing sound. When I walk into the room and see the sound, I know it’s time to get on the job. No, not in the art or technique sense because in the end, it’s all about the art. Now go get it on.

I’m in this room with these guys and they’re getting their tattoo up and working. I know that there’s more to it than just getting inked in a place with a great vibe. This guy is really into his art- the music is playing over the speakers and he’s talking and I’m just getting his tattoo done while I’m getting his tattoo. I have no problem being bored here, because that’s all I do. I mean, I don’t see myself as a business owner with a gallery or the owner of this particular tattoo studio. I just get done. This studio is not my shop or my building, it’s like a big family that I’m a part of and I just put on my mask each time, pull out my mask and put on my mask again. It’s all about the art, being creative and being creative with it.
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No Time to Think About the Art

At the end of the day, I mean, if you’re going to spend time on something else, let’s talk about it. When I’m getting something done and it’s a pain, I don’t get a lot of time to think. I’ve seen a lot of bad tattoos, like bad tattoos where you look at it like, ‘I hate this.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, why did you get this done?’ The pain will come back and I’ll say, ‘Well, we had some bad weather here,’ like a few months before and it was raining and they did something and now it’s just been a year since. They’re not putting in proper effort, but it’s just a physical thing, you can’t put an effort into something you enjoy or the people that you enjoy might be put off by the bad tattoo. I think that’s why you see bad tattoo artists out there. They take a shortcut to get their work done. There’s

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