What is haram for a woman?

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“Haraam means that no one is allowed to enter into any sexual relation, except with the one of your choice.”

Quran 2:228 – “And do not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness, unless you are certain that you will not be offended. And do not take in hand to uncover her nakedness, unless you are certain that you will be given a reward.”

Quran 3:22 – “Your Lord knows those of you who do good, and those of you who commit sins; those who repent, and change and are amendable.”

Quran 4:29 – “And take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends: they are friends of each other. For whosoever among them turns to them for help, they will open for him their treasures and their wives, in the manner of men. That is why Allah hath favoured the Jews over the Christians: because Allah hath passed by them.”

Moses and the Ten Commandments

“So shall you say, ‘Moses has forbidden you to eat your meat with fat, or to eat it with hair, or to bury it, because of his (Moses) prohibition. And he (or his son) is the Best of witnesses.’

Quran 6:110 – “Verily, as for those who reject the Religion of Truth and refuse to believe in Allah and his Messenger, They shall have a grievous penalty (i.e. Hell) on the Day of Resurrection.”

Quran 6:61 – “Or shall it be said to thee, ‘You would like to eat your meat with the skin on?’ Say, ‘This is a forbidden food for you.’ And they (the idolators) shall say, ‘We hear and obey; we will eat the flesh of the slaughtered, on the Day of Resurrection ‘

Quran 7:28 – “Nor is the Sacred Cow (sacred to the Messenger of Allah) for eating or drinking, unless he is (the one) who slaughtered it, or made offerings thereto. And he (the idolater) will say, ‘Our Lord! He gave His Messenger such a big reward, that we should not believe in Him; and we had no knowledge of the Scriptures till We were brought here in the Cave; and We found our hearts dejected and weakened on account of our sin. So let us make offerings unto our Lord in the best manner, and let not our sins be upon us