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– Black and gold is generally the darkest colour that a tattoo can be. It is usually associated with wealth and status as black and gold is a high-class colour to create. However, people who get black and gold tattoos also have blue and white ink. For an example of the colour variation within the spectrum of the black and grey colour, read our blog on black and grey tattoos here.

In the year 2012, the internet was rocked by a massive public debate about the value of the Internet. Some people felt that the Internet was dying, and others wanted it to live on longer-term.
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The “IETF” or Internet Engineering Task Force became the primary interface for Internet communities to engage in public discussions.

A look at how the Internet has changed at the height of the Internet’s lifespan: Wikipedia – The early Internet was an online encyclopedia-style site. The site became the first open-source project to be sold to a large corporation. Wikipedia went on to be the subject of a huge controversy in which the Wikipedia page became the target of a campaign of harassment, as well as negative media coverage.

Microsoft – Microsoft had one of the biggest Internet success tales of all time. But from an early age, their website was a disaster — the lack of any standard for displaying pages, the site’s design and lack of an integrated search engine, and the reliance on a complex programming protocol made it extremely difficult for any single organization to create a website of the quality that Microsoft so desired. Microsoft even had the web design group behind it, which may explain the site’s early problems.

Google – After initially rejecting an offer to sell the Domain Name System, Google soon found out the hard way that no single entity could control the system at any one time. Because Google was also one of the first sites on the server, and used a lot of custom software, it was very difficult and expensive to create a proper system. Many other search engines had tried to take the place of the name server, but they were often attacked by other competitors. Despite this, Google was a success, because Google was not dependent on the name server system, and thus could charge what it wanted. When the technology eventually did become the domain name system, Google was happy to move their domain names for a small fee and control what users saw instead of having a complex set of names. Wikipedia, in contrast, became a very successful project because it was independent and self-supporting, whereas Google had a central point of control.

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