What does the swallow tattoo mean?

The symbol will cover the entire breast in small triangles of varying diameters. The topmost triangle is the swallow itself (top right), and the bottommost is the bottom of the butterfly (bottom left).

Is it true that the swallow tattoo is an ancient symbol?

No, it’s more a symbol of fertility, and it’s a reminder of life.

Are there more varieties of swallows?

There are actually about a dozen in the world, though the most common is the black swallow, which has the black eyes of a black butterfly. Another common variety is the white swallow, which is a blue butterfly with yellow eyes and black stripes on the wings. They also have purple eyes and wings.

What color has the swallow?

The black swallow (above) is a little harder to get, and is considered a more common variety. The white swallow has black eyes and a black stripe (below), and also has yellow eyes and yellow strips down its wings and stomach. Also, there are different varieties of them.

Where can I get a swallow tattoo?

The swallow, as it gets bigger, usually grows on the shoulder. But it doesn’t really have to get there. The black swallow can be on the arm. You can get a swallow with a yellow eye on the breast as well, though that makes people a little bit suspicious of you, and doesn’t make much sense, because it’s not possible that a flower-eyed butterfly should have yellow eyes.

What about a white swallow on the shoulder?

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I’m not sure why you’d do that. You’d make people jealous, and it doesn’t make sense. The white swallow is much easier to work with, but it also has eyes, but they’re white.

Are you gonna have me tattooed?

No, but you can get it on your body. And yes, it’s pretty darn special!

Are they legal?

I’m not sure. They are not very easy to get, so if you do have one and need to sell it on the black market, be careful. That could lead to trouble, because if a cop finds out, you could be in a lot of trouble with the law. If you want to get a white swallow, try looking into the white butterfly. There are a bunch of different ones, but they’re just as tricky to get and sell because it isn’t as easily sold. The black ones are usually harder