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It is literally “tender hand.”

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Why does Malu refer to tenderness? I think it’s a reference to the fact that you are about to get tender.

Why does it happen so often?

It’s a reference to the fact that your hand is about to be tender to you in a way, that can be a kind of comfort during times of emotional stress.

I wonder… if Malu means to tender, then how can you possibly tender your hand, if you don’t know what it means?

In Japanese, “Mali” is very slang and it’s not something you’d look up. I think the meaning is “tender hand” or “hands of tenderness.” You can use it to describe the situation, like “I’m going to be a tender hand.” You can put it in your brain like “My hand is going to be tender.”

What do you think is a traditional Japanese way to tender your hand?

This story has been adapted from “Japanese Words and Their Meanings: The Oxford English Dictionary of Japanese.” ©2015 Oxford University Press.

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