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There are several ways to get tattoos, including permanent makeup and tattoos. The Bible clearly prohibits all tattoo removal and also shows that the skin can change. While the Bible does not mention tattoos specifically, it does refer to those who want to receive tattoos that are “the most abominable of all things” (Deuteronomy 7:25).

What do the Bible say about tattoos?

“Do not let those who have done you cruelty ever be in your midst,” a young Jewish girl’s cry sounds in the Jewish Bible. It’s from the story of Noah, after all, where even the wickedness of the human heart can’t take over.

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It seems like a harsh way to look at human behavior — and it is — but it’s a very human thing to say. “Do not let those who have done you cruelty ever be in your midst” was written by a mother who was too afraid to show any compassion for her child because she feared it might cause him greater harm. If that’s the case, then we should take comfort in knowing that God cares for what we do, even if He’s not always kind and understanding.

There seems something about our humanity that makes us feel that we are deserving of compassion; the Christian faith teaches us that we deserve to be loved and that we deserve the ability to be loved. The Bible, too, tells us that we are the image of God the Father in flesh, and the flesh that will come after us will be an image and likeness of His divine nature. The Bible teaches that God created us and that we have dignity that we do deserve, because His love for us is infinite and unfailing, and that we are His chosen people so that He can share Himself with us.

The Bible also teaches us that God loves us so that He can reveal Himself to us, that He can reveal His love to us in the same way that it works in His children. We do love ourselves, and we love Him in many ways. We seek to follow Him and to live out the stories of our lives, as recorded in the Scriptures, because they help us to love what God loves and for ourselves so that we can serve God and others best.

We love when God chooses us to serve Him through God’s chosen means. It is that very love that Jesus was telling when he told the story about the good Samaritan in John 15:7–9, about a man who stopped his vehicle to help a stranger. He said,

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