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If you are a student with a new tattoo it means you are already tattooed. However, if you had a new tattoo done for school you were given 2 hours to get it done by a tattooing doctor or local community tattooing group. This means you had to put down and get up and walk through a short video and take care of your new tatted. There is usually lots of feedback from your peers when you are leaving the tattoo shop.

How to get the right tattoo

After getting the new tattoo, the tattooist will send you home with a new bandage bandage or sleeve but this is not really very important. The important thing is that it is good and safe. If you wear your old bandage for a while, it could get dirty and scratchy. If it will not get dirty, then it is okay to wear the new bandage.

If you need to get your tattoo on the outside you can get a tattoo on the insides too.

The tattoo artist will make sure the placement of all edges to the tattoo is done properly. Tattoos have a few points of entry so if the edge of the tattoo gets cut, the artist will have to replace it.

When the tatoo has healed for a good while, the tattooer can put the patch back again on the outside of your skin.

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How to get a good tattoo

If you have a new tattoo done for school, then the cost for one should be at least $10 but some tattoo shops will ask more. If you can afford it then get a big tattoo or do the tattoo twice so that you get both sides and get feedback from your peers on your performance.

When you make that decision, make sure the size of your tattoo is appropriate for you and the size of your tattoo is appropriate for your body (a good average tattoo size is around 14cm x 15cm). A good tattoo should look better than someone who does not get tattooed or has got tattoos in worse shape.

If your tattoo is going to be seen by strangers you must also be sure the tattoo is safe. Tattoos can come off easily so make sure the tattoo is safe, doesn’t come off easily and will not cover your skin. If you do not know what tattoo to get, you may find people who can help you. Some of the many tattooists and tattoo shops in Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo are good enough and will help you.

Do NOT get

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