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I’ve started talking about meaningful tattoo ideas, and I think it’s really important. It’s important to me to make something real. I’m passionate and I feel a lot of connection with tattooing. But I would also say a lot of what I feel is sincere is to be able to have a tattoo that changes you. I really did get into it to make a lasting connection with people who have had it done and I wanted to share it.

My friend, who’s tattooed all over the world, has an idea for a new tattoo that’s all about her husband who is battling cancer and he’s going to live for a very long time. The image on the tattoo and it’s going around their entire family, as a reminder and what they do to have some time to relax, have fun, or have a couple of beers afterwards. It’s a really beautiful idea and I’m really excited for it.

You may be hearing from tattooer Alex Mechelle, who also is a writer for this blog, right now (you should probably read his column.)

What can you tell us about your upcoming book, Love and a Bar: A Story of Love, Sex and Tissue? And where can readers book a private reading with you?

We’re working on a book with Alex on love and a bar or maybe better, a book where I think about what happens when I take a break from all of this and I start talking about sex with my female audience on a more personal level. I’m also working on two books. The first one is written and is scheduled to end on Jan. 10 and the second is just started. It’s called Sex at Dawn and it’s a love story of two friends starting to be intimate in this world in a way that has never been done. [It’s] a story about the joy that comes from having a conversation about pleasure and having a fun time with a lover – because in that moment, you are in love, right?

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I think it’s kind of the next logical step for me to be writing some kind of romance novel in which I’m going to use a different narrative device or maybe I will just be taking on a more interesting character or a different angle on it. It’s about how I would love my husband a lot more if he was a bit more adventurous and had some more adventurous sexual fantasies. It’s a story of how people deal with things with a partner that they see as really important.


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