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Bryan is the artist and tattoo owner who created the official tattoo designs and designs used in all official licensed Nike apparel and product. The official designs are available in .doc format, PDF (printable) format and are also available in a variety of formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, IPR, PSD, PDF and WX . In the design files, you can find some of the more common features on Nike basketball players’ body art, such as eye color and hair, etc. If you are a fan of the Nike brand, you can check out these designs and have a good feel for the actual designs. This software allows you to select the design files and then you just upload your artwork. That way the design may not look as your tattoo artist intended it to look.

How do I edit the tattoo design before saving them online?

There are several ways to edit the design, depending on the design file you select and the tattoo artist. It appears there are some common themes within some the designs, which can help you to determine if you should select a design with a specific theme.

I want to change the tattoo artist’s logo on the tattoo.

To use the tattoos uploaded in the gallery, it is suggested you edit the tattoo artist’s logo first. Once you have selected a design, make sure you click on the image to download a .doc file with your logo, otherwise, you will not be able to download it. Make sure and save that file before changing the design.

How do I go back and choose an existing tattoo?

When trying to go back and change a tattoo after you have posted the design online, check that you have chosen your artwork with the selected design in mind. If you change your original artwork to anything other than your original design, you will be unable to access it again once you have uploaded the images. To use the tattoo, select the logo to go to your previous designs and start from there.

How do I see the tattoos in the gallery?

Each design file is available as a .psd format file in the artwork section of the website. You may upload these designs via the website’s upload page. Once you have uploaded your artwork (as well as the files). Please use the galleries to view your tattoo design files.

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