How tall is Jesse Smith?

Jesse Smith is 6-5 and 200 pounds.

Has Jesse Smith changed anything about how he practices?

Jesse’s been working hard on his strength and has been going through some intense workouts. Jesse continues to improve at his weight and is happy with his progress.

Have you tried any supplements or workouts to help you with strength and conditioning?

Jesse says I’m going to try everything and see what happens. He’s been talking to the nutritionist, Rob, at the Pro Training Center about adding a lot of fruits and veggies to his program.

Jesse Smith is 6-5 and 200 pounds.

Do you know about any other pro athletes doing body-weight training?

Jesse hasn’t done one yet but we’re working on it.

What weight class does Jesse shoot for?

Jesse has competed in the powerlifting category of the WBA national championships with a 197-pound lifter.

What is Jesse’s height in relation to his height in the gym?

Jesse is 6-5 and 250-pounds.

Does Jesse Smith feel his weight is too high in the gym and wants to drop back down?

Jesse admits he has been eating too much and is trying to go down a few pounds before this year starts.

Is Jesse going to be lifting at the WBA nationals?

Jesse has decided to do it at the national level but was originally scheduled for the WBA meet.

Have you ever heard a pro athlete say, “I’m just here to get better on the court”?

Jesse Smith is a good guy. He just wants to continue to work hard. He is also working on conditioning at the Pro Training Center.

Does Jesse Smith have any future opportunities besides lifting?

Jesse Smith has already been invited to the 2012 Olympic Games in London but is not scheduled to compete until 2013 at the WBA national championships. In the meantime, he is a member of Team USA.

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