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Fellow redditors and I got to play a really cool game tonight, with this fantastic game called “Lords of the Fallen”: I’ll give credit where credit is due, my partner & I did all the coding for that game, but this is truly what we came up with! Enjoy it!

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Lords of the Fallen is a top-down, side-scrolling arcade fighter with a deep learning engine, and uses the NeoScrambler neural network library for its game AI. It’s designed to challenge and teach the player.

To play, simply click on the main title screen, then on the “AI Training” link that appears. We’ll have some screenshots of AI training up when we open up our main page.

To begin, it’ll ask you to enter your name, which will then be used to save you back to the main menu screen. There is also a button at the top right of your screen to “Save As.” Clicking the “Save As” button will save all of your current settings.

When it’s time to play, you’ll