Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Love Infinity Tattoo Designs

A: Yes. Not the same kind as the “Maraquan” ones, but still! Samoan tattoos are pretty common. I guess we’re lucky they don’t hurt our little hands with too much of anything. I guess the only really painful ones are from getting them while having it done, just the two of us.

P.S. I think Samoan tattoos are just one of the things the guy is into, and is pretty cool as well, so that’s cool too.

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Q: I have a Samoan tattoo! Will it come off when I eat my sushi?

A: I would guess it won’t, but there’s a fine line between getting something that’s a joke on the internet and something a guy would actually want, so we’ll see.

Q: Is it really ok if your wife gets one of your tattoos?

A: No. Sorry mate. She’s just not hot enough for me. I don’t have this fetish for tattoos, I just have a really cute face, so I know it’s silly. I’m not saying she should get one now but she would have to. But I am very happy if it just comes off when I’m eating my sushi.

Q: Do you guys think about sex a lot while you work together?

A: I think we spend a lot of time doing this, but I don’t think about much other than that at all. Sometimes, though, I have a bit of an embarrassing thought. Like, how does having a tattoo feel? It takes me a few seconds to think before I can answer, so I really can’t have a rational answer to that. I’d have to just do well by Samoans, then and there. I guess I might have something to do with the culture of the country. My parents were Samoan and my little brother is of Japanese heritage, so the Japanese are in my blood. So I guess it’s possible with a bit of thought that I can say ‘Samoan tattoo’ and get an immediate answer, like, ‘That’s really nice! You’re very nice!’ It’s a bit like having people at work, you know. You think, ‘I really want them to like me because I’m Samoan, or I want them to love me because of my tattoos.’ And it’s all good for each other, obviously. But I don’t have that thought about Samoans, so I do it a bit

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