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I thought it was only for guys”. What he is suggesting is that the idea of dance has somehow become a thing only for us females, and in order to see that, we need to “man up”. It is true that women in any given society are only expected to work as domestic workers and housemaids and that there are very few occupations where women are not expected to be housewives too

What is the truth? There are very few jobs where women do not have to be housewives too. But, as I mentioned before, this is not the case for men. In fact, the majority of jobs in most western countries are reserved for their men, while women are expected to only work as nurses, teachers and secretaries and stay at home and mop floors. This was illustrated in an episode of BBC’s series The Only Way is Essex. In it the show’s narrator states “There is the odd profession where women can get away with it – like teaching, but it’s a male job”.
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A couple of years back I wrote about the situation in the United States – this was in an article entitled How to Make a Living without a Job. The article went over the problems women face in being unemployed, the high level of joblessness in the country and its high levels of unemployment especially among young women, a situation made worse by the fact that the economy is still dependent on jobs and the fact that one out of four American children go to live below the poverty line. This situation can be compared to Spain where there was a big crisis at the beginning of the 20th century – a crisis caused, in large part, by an expansion of the working class in Spain to the extent that many of the men had to quit the labour force or were transferred into the military for a while as soldiers – men who didn’t work would have to work for others instead. It was a very dangerous time, especially to workers, a time that was marked by a lot of suicides, and that is now a thing of the past, but a different one in Spain right now:

A study done by the sociologists Miguel Fernández Gálvez and María Cáceres (2010) showed that in the period 1998-2009, there were two suicides per 1,000 employed men, a rate more than 3 times as high as in Spain. This is not good news, as it could mean that more men are joining the suicide statistics than is the case; more suicides might mean more deaths in the

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