Who dances hip hop?

“The only hip hop that I’m doing right now is [DJ] Q-Tip’s ‘Nigga,’ I guess. He’s been doing the music.”

“I love all kinds of music. I don’t listen to rap. I don’t listen to rap. There’s just too much that’s negative, man,” says DJ Quik. “The world needs to know that the way people have the idea that everything is about them: You only have black people in the world and they’re going to be the reason you get nothing done, ’cause they’re not good at being black. I didn’t grow up having people make assumptions about me that were like, ‘Oh, she can’t do that.’ That’s just what I grew up thinking about.

“I still got two brothers. I got my older brother and my youngest brother. I told them, ‘I’m gonna make it with this music.’ And they all said, ‘Oh, you know what?’ They all said, `You can’t go for this. You know what’s going to happen? No one will like it. All these people are going to be against you,’ and I said, ‘You’re right.’ I tried. And I try to do that and I just can’t.”


“I always wanted to be a great artist, because everyone says it and they tell me that, ‘You gotta do that. You just have to be a rapper, but you have to be more than that,'” DJ Quik continued. “People think that you can’t be an actor, a rapper, you have to be cool, or you have to know what’s going on. I’m not cool. I’m just a black kid from Baltimore and I come from nothing. I’m a nobody.”

A representative for DJ Quik has not responded to Complex’s request for comment.

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