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We see dance as a means of social bonding, and we believe that the social dance forms are part of that social bonding and can promote intimacy, affection, and happiness. Therefore, we believe that those who use dance to achieve this purpose will be treated as adults.

Is it a form of recreation, or not? Social dancing, like any other form, is not just for fun and relaxation. It is a form of artistic expression and, as such, has some legal responsibilities. In the United States, it is against the law to perform or display a social dance without the express consent of a parent or legal guardian. As with other forms of public entertainment, however, dancers may be expected to engage in certain behavior to show they are not breaking the law and so will not be prosecuted or prosecuted for an act under this law.

Do social dancing activities take place in dance halls or other locations? Social Dancing does not take place in dance halls or anywhere that is open to the public. The social dancing activities on our website are the result of a partnership with dance halls and our licensees, who arrange and pay the dancers. This is not an open venue for performance.

What do I need to perform? There are several essential requirements to take part in a social dancing, including: Perform a dance sequence, either a solo or a group sequence that includes four to six dancers, each with a different time and place.

Enter and exit the social dance room; the entrance to the room is located on the far left hand side of the social room, facing toward the back of the dance hall.
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Perform to at least five people from a particular social dance hall.

Have no one else perform a dance sequence in your group.

Perform to at least five people from another social dance hall, and with at least one person of their own social dance hall, and with their permission. It is the responsibility of the dancers to pay attention to everyone that they are performing with.

Where can you get my Social Dance Membership cards and my Social Dance Membership card number in a variety of languages, languages and styles? This form forms part of our documentation of your social dance performances.

What is an “alternative social dance” dance organization? Social Dance is an artistic and educational company comprised of professional instructors, dance enthusiasts and dancers from across the country. We are committed to creating and showcasing social dance, and to supporting the future of social dances in our respective regions of the country. Our organization

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