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I think it is like anything else in all of human life: it is, by nature, a process, a set of rules and values, a set of conventions as to how you talk and behave, as to how you are to be, and as to who you are.

You know that part of a human being that tells you you are doing the right stuff? That that is what the world is for.

The other part of that human that tells you that you are doing wrong stuff, and it is so unpleasant and scary and you hate yourself for it because it is such a self harm? It is that that part of our nature, it is that part of what we are meant to do.

So why are the dancers and the hip-hop people so often compared to the Nazis who were obsessed with music?

It is a very good question, and not one that I am allowed to ask.

I think that music is a kind of universal language to which we all can subscribe.

It is a kind of universal language to which we all can subscribe. Music is an expression of that universal language.

Music was always designed for the purpose of communicating, which is an important thing, but I think that there is something about music for our ancestors that is so attractive and yet so dangerous and alienating; so appealing and yet so toxic to them.

How do you think the modern person feels about the use of the word “fascist”?

We have no concept of fascism when Hitler was speaking. But the use of the word has changed, and I am in some ways sorry because we have got too sensitive.

Why are people called fascists? Well, obviously, it is because they are on the right. In other contexts people might say it means the Nazi’s or the communist’s or the socialist’s, or the social worker’s, or the doctor’s, or the police, or the soldier’s, or any of those terms.
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But you would be hard pressed to find anybody who would say that somebody who was not, or even a very minor politician.

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