What is modern dance style? – History Of Social Dances Examples Of Cover

“It’s the dance music that is made by people who’ve got a real passion for it and who have an interest in creating it. It’s a kind of artistic expression of the same passion, but in music, as well as dance. It doesn’t just happen overnight.”

What is the relationship between dance music and hip-hop?

“For many people, hip-hop music – and, really, electronic dance music, but that’s the most commonly used one – comes down to a very simple point: it has an electronic element to it. If you take a real dance track, you get something similar to a piano-driven song, but if you take a real hip-hop track, there’s more percussion, a bit more jazz, and with a bit more electronic elements – electronic elements are made to be used to create an electronic music track.”

And what about today’s EDM?

“The way we play today is that it’s more of a party genre. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s electronic. People might have a different idea of what it means. EDM is one of the most popular genres in the world, if not the most popular one and it can have an electronic element to it. It’s probably the most popular genre that has electronic elements to it. It also tends to mix elements of hip-hop and EDM. It’s very well and professionally produced and it’s very different from any other genre in the world. It’s always going to be a mixture.”

‘We’re happy to mix it’

In the past, artists found it impossible to separate themselves from the electronic dance genre. Why does that now?

“It’s more important now that there is a different culture. It can no longer be one or the other. You can’t go back to a day in the 1970 or 1970s and say that people are still listening to the old songs. It’s now like we’re always playing music at a party, but we’ve got more electronic elements. We’re happy to mix it, it’s good to be different and to be different.”

If the current trend continues, where do you see dance music on the future horizon?

“If you go back to the 70s, when I started out in the ’60s and ’70s, you couldn’t say ‘Electronic music’ unless you’re from the 70s. We were all dance music fans. Now there’s even more DJs

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