What is dancing for you? – What Is Social Dances List


In response to such a question, he goes on to reveal that he dances like a madman, as it were! That he “hums and croons like one”, and that he loves to dance “like a bawl”. He also goes on to declare that he “just loves dancing like a man”. There wasn’t much that I could say to this statement (and that is saying something) but in case it is of interest to anybody else, we shall give you three examples of him dancing like a man.

When his friend is about to be killed by a bunch of murderous psychopaths who are out to get his friend, he jumps up and dances around to let all the psychopaths know just how mad he is.

When his best friend wants to have a party where he and his friends can get away with murder, he gets a big, manly party going. And when he asks his friends what they think and they all say that they love it, he jumps up and dances, but they all jump up and dance with him and then they all dance and they laugh and he falls off his chair, which he does, and they all fall to their knees and everyone kisses him like a man.

When he’s in a bar and his best friend wants to ask who is the king, he goes and dances. Everyone dances but the king but he is the last one to get back on his feet and then he dances and they all jump and dance in celebration.

When he is trying to find his mother’s secret place, he jumps up and dances, and when he looks for a way in he finds a way, which is to leap over the bars, then when he finally finds his mom’s secret place, he dances all around and he just goes nuts and dances and then he dances and he leaps over the bars, then when he looks back he sees them all dancing with him and then he dances. Again, they all look as if they were dancing, not the king.

And when he says to himself “I’m about to be the most amazing person possible”, he actually starts dancing.

In conclusion, I would say that this sort of thing is very much a phenomenon that can be witnessed even today, whether on TV, in movies or in one’s living room by people all over the world. If you are a dancer, how can you avoid thinking of the famous words which I used to tell myself as I watched those people

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