What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Define Social Dance

1. The basic move is called a “move” for this reason

2. They are the same thing but they are called different things.

3. They are used by different people with different goals in different ways (because people have different goals based on experience, but the basic move is the same).

So if you watch the video, look at the people to see who uses a different move to get the same reaction.


There is this boy who wants to show you his moves for the video. After watching the video I think that he does a little more movement in front of you to get you to react in a different way. He starts with a “jump” on his left thigh.

Then he does a little more movement on his right thigh.

After that he does an “overhang” (see below) which is an almost the same as a jump.
複線ポイントレール④: SketchUpでプラレール

So it looks like he was in a hurry to get your attention because his movement is similar.

Now you know his dance moves by looking at how similar or different they are.

Let’s go to another area with a moving dancer!

If he is a gymnast (yoga), the basic move is a somersault. The somersault starts from an overhang.

Let’s look at that one:

The somersault also has the same form and meaning as the jump

If you watch a gymnast you’ll notice they don’t just move in the front. When they start in the front everything they do gets stopped. Everything starts from a step backwards.

To get a nice transition between those two points in mid air, they change the direction of the step forward.

But before they do that, they jump (somersault, step backwards). (Read: this is a great move because it’s very effective, but not as simple as it looks. The somersault gives you a lot of time to see where your dancer is and get them moving in whatever direction you’re trying.)

If he is a gymnast, the basic move is a somersault. The somersault starts from a somersault.

It uses the same form as the somersault, but the somersault also has the same meaning as the somersault (i.e. “jump from one place to another place and back to a somersault”).

So this

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