How do guys dance at clubs?


How? It’s not as bad as you think! (Laughs)

Well it’s not bad for a female though.

I think for men and women, it’s a bit different but it’s the same, a lot of people are really into watching you dance. I think it’s really, really good. It’s really important we have dancers as leaders because to be a leader of a group, as many dancers as possible means there’ll be less problems.

It’s a good day in the world of video games.

According to Kotaku – via The Daily Dot – Microsoft has released a beta version of the Xbox One controller, adding some color and a new analog stick design. The new model’s design, shown off by Microsoft, is closer to Sony’s current PlayStation 4 controller (shown above) than the Xbox One itself.

On its website, Microsoft boasts that the new controller will work with Xbox One in “many ways.” It looks to offer “more options than ever before for controlling a game with your Xbox One,” which is nice. According to the company, a controller will be part of every Xbox One and is not exclusive to the console.

Microsoft has made plenty of changes to the Xbox One Controller since it launched in November 2013, many of which were in response to complaints. Microsoft’s new controller looks to add some more color and “add a new, tactile feel to the experience,” according to the official description on the console’s website.

But we’ll have to wait for a closer look at the new controller to decide if it’s worth anything.

While many have been disappointed by the controller’s design, Microsoft has already made some changes.

Last year, the company revamped the new controller for Xbox One, adding a touchpad, D-pad, and a touch screen, among others. For more on those changes, check out our new Xbox One controller guide. For a full look at the Xbox One controller, make sure to check out the video above.

On Oct 26, 1965, the moon was nearly full with a clear moon-like surface.

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The first image of the moon, the moon was nearly full on Oct 26, 1965. Photo: NASA

A picture of the moon taken by the Apollo 16 mission shows the shadow of the Earth and stars cast by the disk of the moon, but the light is obscured by dust and cosmic dust. A picture of the moon taken by the Apollo 16 mission shows