What’s the easiest instrument to learn? – How To Learn How To Play A Piano For Beginners

How should I prepare? What is the best instrument for an beginner to learn? Learn more about guitar.

I really like the idea but feel like I am too young to learn music

Here’s the best advice I have ever been given about learning music:

Get into the habit of playing the music you enjoy.

Do not practice for hours with no regard for rhythm or melody. There is not a right way and there always will be none. Be spontaneous and have fun.

In some cases people seem too advanced to play music and are discouraged from playing when it’s too bad for their ego, however in most cases it doesn’t work that way. Try practicing with whatever music you are most comfortable with, for example, you should be able to play guitar at your age if you have a good set up with a guitar amp, if you don’t have a guitar or don’t want one, at least try doing a few simple melodies and improvise the words when the mood strikes me.

Here’s a great article on learning music by a guitar player named “Music by Your Face”

Can I improve my technique and improve my accuracy?

Yes. You can improve your skill level in different ways. One of the most important ways is to practice consistently with a good teacher. But even if you don’t practice consistently with a teacher you can always go to YouTube and do some simple exercises of your choice. The best thing to do is simply to try to imagine that you are playing, when you hear a tune that you like, just try to play it with the same intensity that you did in the song. As you do this, you will know what tempo and notes you should use. Try to make this practice exercise into a full workout each day to improve your technique.

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