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In an interview with BBC Newsnight last night, the former Labour party chairman Lord Mandelson said his wife had been “laughed at” when she asked him how big the difference between the two main parties was when he was still running his own electioneering arm in the 1980s.

Lord Mandelson was speaking about Mr Smith’s resignation as secretary general, when he said: “I can’t even begin to compare her to that person. I was joking around about size with her before she arrived. I was joking along the scale of Labour, I never said ‘The Tories are bigger’.”

Lord Mandelson continued: “She didn’t know. But no one could say what it was that was so wrong. I can’t even begin to compare her to that person. She didn’t know.”

The interviewer asked if this was “insulting”, and Lord Mandelson said it was a “tremendous compliment” that her comments were taken seriously.

Labour’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn on his first day at No 10. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA

In an interview with the Financial Times, he said: “It’s great that she’s come out and said this – she’s a very independent-minded person, and I’m sure that she’ll be very happy to know that the Conservatives were really bigger than her when she was in charge.”

On Mr Smith’s departure, he said of his former boss: “The question is, what do we do now? There will be a lot of people who have said to me, ‘He’s a little bit too close to the establishment. He’s not in touch with the people’.” But he said: “I think everyone understood that he had done this when the time came, and no one, no matter how much they thought they knew, had any idea that he would do it.”

Mr Corbyn will lead Labour on election day – on Monday 29 June – having been elected yesterday, after winning an overall mandate from his MPs and MEPs. At the same time, an electoral college held its meeting in London on Thursday, drawing up lists of all the remaining candidates.

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