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I have written numerous violin instruction books, but I have tried to emphasize the importance of beginning teaching at the same time as music lessons. You can’t learn much at the same time. Most violin students take lessons a few times a year. Some take them monthly, others never take them at all. The beginning teacher must be willing to wait a couple of months at least, and must have a good temperament.

“You’ll be teaching and playing violin for a number of years before you realize how valuable this instrument really is,” says Martin. “We use many advanced technical methods to produce beautiful music. It’s true you’ll have to learn it in a few sessions of lessons, but it’s still worth it once we’re done with all that. Many of my students have taught to the point of being able to play their first concerto, with no violin lessons at all, in just an evening.”

After you complete many of the basics, the process will begin to change a lot – in terms of style, in terms of the technique of teaching, in terms of the way you approach the material – from teaching a certain number of students to teaching hundreds. After a number of lessons, it’s really just a matter of “just a few more hours a month” to “maybe 100 hours.”

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Martin has also had the great pleasure of teaching in several cities over the last few years and has had the pleasure of building up a following. When performing in the US, one of the things that really amazed him was how many people showed up for his lessons!

How do I take lessons in the US?

To begin with, it is always great if you have the time – or don’t have the money. However, it is still worth it if you can provide for the full cost of tuition. But that’s not always easy, especially if the teacher is not a well known musician.

I know that I am starting out as a music teacher, but are you really sure you want to be teaching for 5 years?

“Yes, I sure am! It’s one of the most rewarding forms of practice and learning. You have to stay committed. I know of lots of people that never have taken lessons. It’s really amazing to learn with the help of your friends. It’s so much easier to learn something when I can see how it will help you, rather than have it be something that you take for granted. When I began teaching in the early 1980s, it was really

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