What age should piano lessons start? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 5 Problem Set

We believe that the piano instructor should focus on instruction during the actual exercise so that the student can develop the necessary motivation and discipline. The teacher should be able to take proper care of the student during the time and the student should have sufficient experience, skills and a good understanding of piano theory and notation.

We do not endorse any specific age, since some experience in piano will be necessary before a young child can play the piano without much difficulty (and this experience should be available to the teacher from his/her previous experience as a concert pianist/organist).

We do not accept lessons between preschool and childhood for infants. In an open-minded and loving care, we have provided to these children an intensive piano tuition program at a very young age. Our aim is that each child’s piano play grows up. If the child becomes a competent piano player at that very young age, we would continue the pedagogical program at the age of 7-8.

How much should the piano education cost?

Each piano student should have sufficient piano lessons.

We are currently charging 60 € for the tuition and 40€ for other additional costs, such as books.

What are the requirements for piano lessons?

There should be no difference in difficulty between piano lessons that are given once per week or 3 times per week.

Children who have already shown interest in the study of music (for example, by playing a few concert-level pieces under the guidance of a teacher) are exempt from piano lessons.

Our students should also be able to work on a daily basis.

If a student starts a lesson without permission, it can end up at any time.

What are the advantages of learning piano at an early age?

It is usually easier to learn the piano when your child is younger.

When you are younger, you are able to follow up on the lessons with homework, study and other activities that are important in piano studies and that may prevent further mishaps in your development.

The piano lessons are also an excellent opportunity for you to practice the piano for a few hours over a few weekends and for it to provide you with a good sense of how to play a piano.

Other benefits to using the piano at an early age include:

You can focus more strongly at a young age on learning the piano.

You are able to use musical language on a higher level.

When the lesson is over, you

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