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(Answer: YES.) The problem here is not that the instrument is so easy to bend that, since it is the most basic instrument, it does no harm to attempt to apply bending. The problem is that the instrument is so easy to bend that not all those efforts to bend it are valuable. The reason the best violin bows and clefs are made by one particular bowmaker is so that he is able to make the exact bows that he prefers; this allows him to make the instruments that he prefers without wasting his time trying to make a perfect bow that will bow to whatever he chooses. All those efforts are wasted and all that he creates is either not good or very different from what he is trying to create. The best violin bows and clefs are not good enough. So, why would most of the violinists in the world prefer to make their own bow or clef? The answer is: because they can.

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Now of course that makes perfect sense since they can use that instrument to create the bow or clef they want. And even if we use the same bow or clef on a different instrument, we can use our own preference to influence how we will bow, bend, and play the same piece. (The reason people don’t bow to their favorite musician is because they prefer to perform music other than their own. This is a lot less interesting that it sounds). But you can learn this lesson if you just do one violin lesson every week, or if you learn an instrument one day a week. Just follow your preference for your violin.

If you think that there is some difference between an instrument and a bow, you may believe that the bow has some special property that must be used if you are to master the art of playing violin. But actually, what you have is nothing more than a preference. The thing you prefer isn’t that your preferred violin is worth more than another and makes the instrument better then you wish it to be. The thing you choose to favor when choosing the instrument to make is what you would prefer to do if your favorite violin is broken and you are looking for a new one.

A good bow isn’t perfect, but if you practice with it on the violin for years on end it will get pretty good. Not all violinists practice every single day. That just makes them better. And the less that one musician plays on a piece of wood (as I did at first playing violin as a teenager) the longer it ages and the more its flaws reveal themselves; but

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