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There is no wrong way to tune a violin. Here is a good example (from “A Short Guide to Making Great Guitars,” by Richard Hahn and Peter Fitch), showing you how to set the tone and the vibrato:

How do I set up a violin?

You must make a number of adjustments, as this page explains.

A good idea to try is to set the tone (set the strings) with a string or two slightly out, while putting an old guitar on the string holder. You will also want to play this chord, “5/4,” over the string holder, instead of the “A.”

How can I tune my violin?

Here are two options. The first is a nice, straightforward one, and is explained in “Making Great Guitars,” where I talked about tuning the harp and the bass guitar, with emphasis on the first two measures. The second option is for serious tuners (including those who don’t like to tune their instruments). This option works nicely with a regular guitar tuning peg. For a tuning screw, use the scale from “G#/A,” one more than the scale, to “G/B.” It is important to note, however, that the fret numbers on the fingerboard indicate the scale notes, not the notes on a standard tuning peg.

In the case of the violin, I tuned my violin by setting a single point at a string in “A,” and at the other two points with a string of my finger. The only trouble I encountered was that if I did not tune the finger, I could not play well. It turns out that the tuning screw was a bit big, so I found a way to make the screw bigger (which is what it came to be after a while of searching, though some people found the larger screw easier to use). Then I just started to tune, and it actually turned out all right.

Here are some more pictures of the different things you can use to tune your instrument in the links below:

Viola tuning screw by John “Jug-A-Boat” Wilson

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