Do violin strings expire? – How To Learn Violin

Viola instruments are designed for life, not five year leases. A new violin player gets the opportunity to use their violin for a lifetime, and the violin should be considered “pre-owned” as long as the owner has not sold the instrument (or given it away) since the age of 21. (See the “Lifetime Warranty” policy below in addition to this policy on instruments.)

When do violin strings expire?

The average life expectancy of a violin strings is approximately three years. This number depends on age of string, and the particular manufacturer. Most violin manufacturers, such as Yamaha and Cello Strings, use a two-year interval. Most string manufacturers prefer that your strings be in great condition for at least two years to allow the string to reach its peak playability.

If you don’t want to keep your violin in its new condition for a full two years or more, please let perform a string check to ensure that you really plan on using your violin for a lifetime.

Is it necessary to “turn off” the violin as soon as it is delivered?

No it is not necessary to turn the violin off. When the strings have begun to lose their elasticity and give up most of their sound, it is sometimes necessary to lower the instrument by a few feet before the strings can be removed from the stringer assembly.

How is string safety controlled in the factory?

The strings must be set properly in the factory when the strings are new for the instrument. These strings must be set to the optimum tension so as to play “live” and not “wobble”. This means that the strings must be set to a tension of 1.0 to 2.0 pounds per square inch (psi) on each string side, with a constant tension of 1.0 psi on both strings. The strings must be adjusted from about .5 to .7 psi on each string side, with varying tension on each side of the string to insure maximum performance and to provide a smooth playing surface. As string tensions and damping levels can vary, this adjustment should always be made within two hours after strings were delivered. If string tension needs to be adjusted more times than this, the instruments must be returned to their packaging and strings remanufactured in new strings.

Will my instrument break any time after its intended playing time?

Generally, no. Strings are designed to last indefinitely. The more strings

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