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It depends on how good are the tuners. A good (fast) tuner can improve performance slightly, but it doesn’t add much of any discernible difference. A good (slow) tuner can reduce the size of the volume envelope, adding some audible “punch”, but it’s still very difficult to hear. The amount of sound reduced may depend on how good the tuner is, too.

Some of the worst tuners may simply not change enough to make it noticeable. But even the best tuners can be very slow to make subtle changes within the volume envelope.

The most obvious difference between a great (fast) tuner and a very slow (slow) tuner could be the amount of “wobbles”, e.g. the amount of oscillation. A great tuner can be just as effective as a slow tuner. A slow tuner that is good will have little oscillation. A great/wobly tuner may not be able to be any better than a very basic one.

How to identify a quality tuner?

How good is a professional? How fast is he? (Do speed changes make a difference?)

The best tuners are the quickest and have the most power. The faster they go, the more audible the change is, so they need quick improvements to get rid of any audible “punch”. If they cannot be improved fast enough, they could still be good, but perhaps they’ll not.

It’s not just about speed either. A good (slow) tuner will have a very clean tone (no loud distortion), if it has lots of “punch” to begin with. A very strong (fast) tuner will have lots of harshness (possibly because of some other sound issue), and some ringing (perhaps from high pitch of sound), if it has lots of “wobbles” and ringing on high freqs. You might then be able to hear “punch” on the low-frequency side of a violin, but not the high-frequency (or even mid-high).

In some cases, you may notice that your violin is more clear when you’re playing. Again, this is not an indication that it’s bad quality tuning. But it could be good tuning.

How far does a tuner go to the optimum position?

The best tuners often are at the maximum speed of each string of each hand. An optimum position for

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