Can violin be self taught? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 7 Classification

Yes, violin can be self taught. Most people who play the violin already have extensive knowledge and experience with the instrument and will easily learn to play it. In fact, more people don’t realize that there are more violinists than musicians.

But this doesn’t mean there’s no need for professional instruction. It simply means that violin teachers and teachers that provide music education to the general public are necessary and must provide such instruction. There are many successful teachers of music that not only provide knowledge of the music, but also provide the proper exercises and the support they need for learning.

In my opinion, the problem is how violin players are trained to learn the violin. Students don’t learn the violin by watching video online. Instead, they take their beginner lessons in schools and get progressively better with these lessons. These teachers don’t teach them the proper way of playing, for the most part, so they have to listen to the music to help guide their practice. So in order to get better, they have to train themselves to play, and then the rest will take care of itself. However, this method of teaching the violin (or any instrumental instrument) can’t be done in isolation and it will take years to learn to do.

Can you be a professional musician and teacher?

There is no need to learn to be an instrument player by watching YouTube videos. The proper way to learn how the violin works is a proper teacher. When I was learning the instrument, I spent nearly 30 hours watching videotapes of other professional violinists. After learning the violin, I began to play and to teach people who asked. So no, professional musicians and teacher can’t just learn the instrument and do some training just to get good.
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How should I learn music?

My friend, Mark Smith, writes this great article on how to learn music, which contains several excellent articles about how to learn the violin. He also writes an excellent blog in which he goes over all the information on music learning. Here is one of the most important points he makes:

We use our ears to learn how music works in the first place.

You will learn how to play music from listening to the music, reading about it, and reading about music theories.

Read and watch videos, read books and articles about the violin; listen to great violinists perform.

Go to concerts and see musicians, watch people play, and learn from them.

Read newspapers about violin teaching, etc.

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