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There are a lot of different options for how you can use your ring light, and many of them are quite different, so we just went around and found the most popular and recommended ones.

1. Ring Light with a Camera Light or Flash – This is a great alternative for people who have cameras and don’t want to carry a battery pack around with them. Many of our favorite YouTubers use this type of ring light. This type of ring light can also be powered by USB, which means you can plug it to your electronics with little trouble too.

2. Ring Light with Headers – This is a great Ring Light if you’re only interested in getting a little bit creative with your lighting. Using multiple lighting sources can be a great way to bring the intensity up a notch without adding a lot of battery power. You can also use multiple types of lighting like flash lights.

3. Multi-Pole Lights – Multi-Pole Lights, also referred to as MBLs, has an established reputation for being an incredibly powerful lighting source and can even support a lot of different colors, while still being very efficient.
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4. Ring Illumination with Batteries – If you are going for an intense, bright light that isn’t going to last you long either in a light case or your video games, you will most likely want to use batteries. In some cases, you can do more than just turn your ring light on and off with battery (like the way we did). For example, the way we did it in our recent video is to bring the battery pack that powers your ring light with us and then turn on and off the ring light while we are walking in a dark area (like a basement).

5. Using the Ring Light in a Dark Room – If you don’t want to worry about how bright your ring light light will be while indoors in a dark room, then you can use it in a more dark room (like if you want to take pictures without the light). But be careful, it can still be a very helpful light for some people when the need is to get that extra bit of attention from someone.

6. Adding a Lens Reflector – There is a growing list of different options for Lens Reflectors as well. Whether you are adding a lens to improve the overall brightness of your ring light or to add some contrast and a little more oomph to your lighting, having this option with your Ring Light is a great option

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