What is the most expensive music video?

The first ever world record was set in 2011 at the World Music Awards in Berlin where Madonna won a gold medallion on video for “Like a Virgin.”

The record-setting video for “Like a Virgin,” which is the second time Madonna has won an award for video, has racked up close to $600 million dollars for Universal Records.

The highest-selling concert video is that of Madonna performing ‘Papa Don’t Preach,’ the theme song to the 1993 movie “The Karate Kid,” which has sold a total of 13 million copies.

The highest selling video for a solo artist is Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” in 2011 which has sold over 2 million copies.

Other high performing performers for the best video:

Katy Perry (2008 Grammy Award): The first ever video to gain two Grammys

The first ever video to gain two Grammys Beyoncé (2008 Grammy): The first time a solo artist has received two Grammys for a single song.

The first time a solo artist has received two Grammys for a single song. Justin Bieber (2009 Grammy Award): Bieber is the first solo artist to win two Grammys at once

However, many music videos have been produced in other countries such as Mexico, Colombia, France, Mexico City and even Japan.

What is the most popular music video today?

The most popular song from last year was “Telephone” by Ed Sheeran, which has sold over 1.5 million copies, while Mariah Carey won best video for “You Belong With Me” in 2009.

However, it would be the second time for Madonna who won the title in 2009. She also performed “Like a Virgin” on the 2010 VMAs, which she won.

This year it was a different story with several video stars from top albums, singers, producers and rock groups making the cut on YouTube. Madonna was the first female performer to compete for video of the year, making her the first female producer of video to win Video of the Year.

The top selling video from the most popular album of 2014, Adele’s 21, is an international best seller and has sold over 1,800,000 copies.

Also notable would be Drake who performed “What A Time To Be Alive” on the 2013 VMAs stage, which sold over 600,000 to win video of the year for the third year in a row.
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Also last year Lady Gaga