What is the most expensive music video? – Blue Shooting

“The first one was The Strokes (2015), the second was [Passion Pit’s] ‘Troublemaker.’ When you first hear those songs, they’re just so loud. And then when you’re listening to those movies or TV shows and hear those guitars and the drums in it, it’s just too much. So our song was more about our love of loud music. What we’re talking about is the ability of music to open you up. In a sense, what we’re talking about is the ability to just go outside, and have a few too many bourbons.”

What are you looking forward to most about your new album?

“The hardest thing about this record, as a band, so far is actually figuring out how to write songs. But it’s like, there’s no easy way to make the album. We tried. We recorded our first album, We Don’t Need This, and that was about an 11-minute version of the songs. We had to do, like, 18 or 20 new songs per episode, just to make the show as short. So there was no easy way to write songs. Sometimes you listen to your records and they sound like a couple of songs. This one sounds like a full album.”

Is one of your songs the most “laid back” of the three?

“Not by a long shot. A lot of them actually are really laid back.”

What is the name for the song on the new Mylo Xyloto record with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds?

“We had so many different songs like that. It ended up being called The Wretched Song that became ‘The Wretched Part II.’ There were just so many different lyrics and so many different ideas.”

And when did the album come together?

“We were just sitting around, and we thought, ‘How are we going to do this?!’ We have a great relationship with Nick. We were already talking about doing things in the ’90s with Cave for his own record. He wasn’t the band he was 10 years ago. So we started talking about doing these ideas, and we just kept talking about doing things ourselves. We had some ideas, but we didn’t have the budget to actually pay for the instruments. So we actually wanted to use some of Nick’s songs and make them full songs. We went to Nick and thought, ‘Well, can you do what we’re going to do?

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