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We’re about halfway through when we have a bunch of people streaming in. Two of them want to talk about “Lonely Planet” but the videos are so long they run out of room and then they have to get started again from the beginning.

You are a very proud Canadian. What’s the most amazing or special Canadian story you have heard in the YouTube space?

I had dinner with a man, it was on Parliament Hill [in Toronto], and they told me about how he made “Sideways” which was actually a Canadian movie that has an episode with him and that got him started in Canadian filmmaking.

My favorite Canadian filmmaker is probably John Waters. He just makes great films. This guy is obsessed with his work. When we say Canadian, he says “Canadian,” then the person will say “I’m from Canada,” and I will say “Oh yes you are! You were born here” etcetera, but he is completely obsessed with his work. When I was growing up, John Waters was my idol. He made films that I could watch at night on my mom’s DVD library. He is a Canadian by birth, by choice. I am his fan.

Do you have a favorite Canadian actor? Who is a character you would definitely watch a John Waters film?

John Waters, and David Carradine.

David Carradine is definitely a big influence as well. He is a huge star now but back then he used to be one as well. He was a big star in Ireland and did many films on stage, so there’s a lot of talent over there and definitely in Canada too. Also, I would definitely watch anything by Stephen Gaghan.

Is there anything to be gained from having a Canadian character on the show?

For me, I’d love to create more Canadian characters in television. I don’t think they’re used a lot in our industry so it’s rare to see a Canadian in a television series. I think there’s definitely lots of opportunities for Canadian actors in television. I feel like I’m being left out in a world of Americans. There should be a Canadian sitcom, a Canadian comedy, a Canadian drama, a Canadian comedy or a Canadian drama and I am interested in seeing that happen.

What’s it like watching Canadian characters come to life on TV?

That’s probably the most frustrating. The producers don’t want to have Canadian actors doing voice work when they can hire us

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