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In most cases, music video equipment is required for capturing your music video. As the name would indicate, music video equipment can help you record a wide array of music styles. Depending on the style you are shooting, you will need to find the right microphone, turntable, stylus, and other equipment for recording your music. The majority of equipment needed to shoot a music video is covered in the following list.


The most important component of any music video, is the microphone. You need a small, small speaker that will not interfere with the video footage. You also need a microphone for your voice when recording, as well as a mic that doesn’t get stuck in the dust of an area. A good quality microphone will allow you to capture your music video at a loud enough volume to capture a variety of vocals.

For your music video to be effective, you’ll need a good quality microphone with a high-quality audio output. There are a multitude of microphones available online to help you choose the music video equipment that will be right for you.


Most of the time in music videos, you need a turntable system, which involves some basic computer software to control the audio on the CD/DVD drive of your computer. This is the easiest way to record your music video, and all you need is a basic computer, like an Ubuntu GNU/Linux system. While these items aren’t necessary for the majority of music video shoot in the world, they will come in great use for artists that need the extra speed that vinyl makes available.

For the most part, if you want to record a music video, you can use the USB microphone that is most common, a Logitech M300. Other popular options include the Apple Mac mini, Sony Playstation 3, and Samsung NX. The best solution to record your music video would be the new Apple Mac Pro. This powerful computer with four times the processing power as the average laptop may come in handy in case you must record your music video in the studio. Another great option for recording a music video is the Sound Forge Pro, an advanced editing software. It provides even more options to record your music video.

A few of the other options include the EOS 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III, Samsung NX30, Sony PXW-FS2, Canon 100D, Panasonic DMC-G1, Canon EOS-1D X, Panasonic DMC-N1

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