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I’ve been asked whether this question really has an answer. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few people who have upgraded from 1080p TVs to 4k TVs. I’ve found that in reality 3k means almost 4x the resolution.

We are going to look at the difference between 4k (which is 4 times the traditional resolution) and 5k (4.5 times the traditional resolution). We’ll also compare the difference between 1080p and 4k.

In a typical video production environment, the number of pixels in a video production is fixed. The image can be cut with a very small cut, and still be able to produce a high-quality result. When a 3k TV was released, the resolution was still 3.85 million pixels, which equates to a frame-count of 1.9 frames per second. In contrast, a 1080p TV has a resolution of 4.5 million pixels, which equates to 4 frames per second.

To increase production speed by 1x, we could use a much wider frame-count, but when producing high-quality content with 4k television, we are not likely to do so. In this case, we will increase the output from the 1080p TV to 4k. The output of a 4k TV can still produce higher quality output at the same frame-rate.

You can use your HDTV for almost any activity, so it’s actually a good idea to have multiple HDTVs for multiple uses. One great use case is when you are shooting an action film. You can use 2 HDTVs to shoot multiple scenes in a single session and still have excellent quality video. Of course, there will always be things that you want to shoot with a single TV, but for most of us, multiple HDTVs will be more cost effective than a 2-TV setup.

Note: The first video I’m posting on YouTube is a 4k movie. In the video above, the 4k resolution is the same as 1080p.

What is the size of these 4k TVs?

The dimensions are very similar to regular 1080p TVs. This is great for creating video content that will be viewed on the larger TV with a 3x zoom range or to watch it on the larger HDTV. However, for movies, it is difficult to watch more then 4k at a time. It is very apparent when watching an HD movie in a different resolution as you need the same zoom

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