How much does a videographer cost per hour? – Online Videography Degree

(a) VHS videotapes are priced in the range of $4 to $6 per hour. The cost of film is usually much higher, $6 per hour on average.

(b) Digital stills shoot images with a high degree of fidelity, ranging from 2.5 megapixels to 9 megapixels, all depending on quality, and have the potential to be as expensive as the original. Digital stills do not lend themselves to much detail.

-Q What does the difference between video, audio, and still photography mean in a given situation?

-Q What are the terms of reference used in the photography and videography industries?

-Q How is an average video/VHS picture taken?

-Q Can you make an out-of-camera videotape (on a camcorder)?

-Q If an image is shot on video tape with an electronic camera lens, what lens determines the sharpness, contrast and color appearance of the image? If an image is taken on film with a conventional camera, what camera lens determines the sharpness, contrast and color appearance of the image?

-Q If an image is created in video, how do you know when a shot has been taken?

-Q What does an image mean to a viewer or viewer’s family?

-Q What do you know about the different formats?

-Q What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Q I’m starting a company to develop a video, how do I start and get your advice?

-Q What is the difference between video and still photography?

-Q What is included in the price of an image versus the cost of the image?

-Q How can you ensure smooth video and still photographs?

-Q What are the basic elements of a good video?

-Q What about still photography?

-Q How do you photograph a subject, where might you need a tripod, how do you take a picture from a moving subject and what do you need to know before going down that dark road?

-Q How can you photograph a scene that has been manipulated?

-Q Do you have a video demonstration available of some of the features you have discussed?

-Q How do you know which camera features to use, when to choose the lenses, how to move the camera, what about using an umbrella or a head light?

-Q What

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