How do I start a freelance video editor?

Before starting into the process of editing freelance, you will need to decide what career path is best suited for your skills and interests. You can start with your current job and make your own videos if that is your path, or you can get some support from a network of people involved in the video editing field who can help you learn the craft.

For more information on YouTube and its ecosystem, click here.

In October 2013, Apple introduced iWork in the form of the new iPad Pro and the redesigned Mac Pro. At this time, I was in my first year of working on Mac apps, and having an iPad Pro to run them on provided a great experience. However, while the iPad Pro is a fantastic device, we realized that it could not be used to edit professional content, and that we needed a mobile OS with a more powerful and feature-rich desktop environment. After a year of work, we built iWork for Mac in Yosemite.

iWork is designed to be easy to use. The user interface is consistent across both OS X and iOS, so if you know what an app will need to do and how to get started using it, iWork is extremely intuitive and it will take you from simple tasks to complicated ones on the go.

If you work with professional video content and would like a desktop environment that can edit it and you’re comfortable working in iWork, iLife is for you. iLife is the most powerful version of iWork, providing you with all of the features. You’ll see in the demo below that all iLife features work seamlessly together, from document viewing, slideshow editing, and even interactive timelines that display what you are working on at a glance.

This page describes three features of iLife that I think is very handy and unique to iWork for Mac.

File Organizer

The first is the file organization feature in iLife, which is great for creating an organized desktop or for working with multiple images that you need organized together so you can work on them more easily.

When you start a document, you can use the app’s native file search to look at the contents or search directly within the document by using its search engine feature. You can also use the app’s Quick Access to quickly jump to sections within a file that will help speed up editing.

New Folder Creation

Next, iLife has the ability to create folders in Finder that appear as virtual folders on your desktop when open, giving you more room