Are ring lights good for video?

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I like the light that rings the doorbell and the light that comes on while you are standing there. I am not interested in the light that follows where you are. I just don’t like that the light comes on when you turn into a doorway or out onto a hallway. I am not into video games and that makes me a little bit uncomfortable and I am not into music. But you know when you have a party or a dance and there is this bright light that comes on and after 20 minutes, you get so frustrated. You want to go to sleep but then you don’t want to go to sleep. That is really where a high-end lighting is really valuable.

The following is an opinion piece by David Gershon, who is the co-founder of American Bridge 21st Century PAC. His commentary appears at PJMedia and at American

It is well established that President Obama, with some help from former President Bill Clinton, has successfully used the IRS to attack the conservative political culture in the United States.

The President’s first IRS order in June 2014 targeted an organization with an explicitly anti-Obama agenda. That order was followed on December 3rd with the targeting and release of the “Tea Party” documents by the IRS. The targeting was so extensive that it was described by one senior Justice Department official as “the most extensive political targeting in United States History.”

The IRS’s targeting has continued unabated through April of last year, according to the American Banker, a trade publication.

Americans expect to have the most thorough and fair political campaign in the history of the United States. The American people deserve to have their government based on the principles of fair and equal treatment and the rule that the people have the right to know who is paying them for doing their jobs. But instead of doing that, the Obama team is playing dirty politics by trying to intimidate and harass groups that disagree with the Obama administration politically, such as independent groups that do no political work.

The White House’s response to this political harassment has been shameful. Even though we know that the IRS targeted conservative groups based on their First Amendment activities, White House officials continue to defend the IRS’ actions by invoking “the sanctity of political speech.”

That is absurd. This claim is a red herring because all speech is equal, not least because no political speech is really protected if it is anti-government.

All political speech has the First Amendment right to be “viewed