Are phone cameras better than DSLR? – How To Become A Successful Videographer

It’s an old story but still valid if it is the first device you need and doesn’t need fancy features such as a tripod. This can make a huge difference in how images look and that makes the camera work a lot better.

Do your pictures look great on smartphones? Or do you still prefer DSLRs?

“The fact that my mother didn’t care if I came to a club that had a big, bad, old guy in it … is an example of how you can take care of yourself when you take care of your self,” Calece Jones tells us.

To celebrate one month since the launch of his “Sisters and Brothers” video, Calece Jones is sharing his family’s story as well as those of other LGBT teens, families and allies who have come forward after being bullied and called names in school.

“You’re going through so much,” Calece says, “I’m going to speak out a little bit about how it affected me.”

Since his “Sisters and Brothers” video went viral, Calece has been on an intense roll because of it.

“I didn’t care if it was my mother, my sister or a kid in the same community who was bullied,” Calece says. “I didn’t care if it was an A-list musician or a pop star. I’m sure I wouldn’t have wanted to do it. The point is I just wanted to be open and share my life, and I’ve done well at doing that.”

The video, which you can watch here, features the young man telling tales of being harassed by strangers in school. According to Calece, several times, he was called names with the N-word, the word “fag” and “tranny” thrown in. There is a scene where he sees a man walking down the steps of a school. The teacher calls him “gay” and asks him to move. “I just turned around and yelled at him, ‘you’re going to jail,'” he says. The man in the video was a teacher and not the same teacher in the original video, but Calece says when he was in third grade he would often see his “friends” playing with an A-list artist who uses the F-word in lyrics. “It’s hard for many kids to understand because the A-list artists we all identify with are always going to sound different,” Calece says.

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