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He was a great guy. I always felt like the guy who put the most effort. He was just a very good dude.

How did the rest of the group come together?

That day it was really me and Chris, I knew he was going to be the next big thing. And everybody was great with each other.

Were any of you at some point on the same page as the group of artists that would form D.R.A.M.?

Yeah, definitely. It was like one big cohesive creative group.

How long did it take to get a record together and how long before it was completed?

The writing process wasn’t really that long. We were just brainstorming. Once you’ve done something, you can always go back and check on it or whatever. We had a lot of great ideas during the process of writing.

Can you still imagine yourself performing with D.R.A.M?

Of course I do. Yeah I do. It would still be a dream come true to tour with D.R.A.M.

What do you say to fans who think you are getting too big for your britches?

There’s still a lot of great ideas out there. You know, what people are interested in, I guess people are interested in the different elements of what we’re trying to do. I mean, it’s all good. I think if you just don’t care and you’re just doing the same old things, I know it will get old real fast. You just have to enjoy it.

Does D.R.A.M. think he’s big?

He does. He thinks so.

Has D.R.A.M. ever got too big for his boots?
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Not really. He never gets really comfortable with things like that. That’s really not one of those things that gets a lot of attention.

You’ve been working with major labels for a little more than a year now. How do you like the process?

Really great. Being on major labels is great. It’s a big change. It’s a lot of new people. There are new things and new people coming into the table. It’s different than when we were on a indie label where you basically just signed with it.

What’s your approach to promoting your records or your shows?

We’re not trying to force things. A lot

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