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Rapper Tupac Shakur was in the news as a result of the shooting of his friend, model model Omen Willis, and the subsequent death of his sister, Janay Williams. When the shooting was reported, Shakur was reportedly already incarcerated with the murder of fellow East Coast rapper, Dr. Dre — an incident which would come to be referred to as the “Tupac Murder Trial” — who was acquitted. His mother, Gladys Shakur, and his record label also sued both Dre and his lawyer for their role in the tragic deaths and the charges laid against some members of the R&B duo Erykah Badu.

Is it considered a gang?

The N-word has been synonymous with the word street, and it’s difficult to separate gang activity from gang crime. Gangs use the word for many different reasons, although some include street people who sell drugs, gang members who get involved with a gang as a way of making money, or gang members who join a gang to join a group like a street gang, such as a rival gang.

Can a gang be disbanded?

It’s unlikely, and if a gang is no longer committing crimes, it will not be able to join up with another group. Gangs can choose if they want to become an outlaw, and this option varies from faction to faction. In fact, the Gangster Disciples have been accused of going back to the streets with some of their members as outlaws in the late 90s. The Black Guerrilla Family, a gang originally from East Oakland, are also often suspected of this.

Does gang membership affect a person’s criminal behavior or criminal record?

It can lead to some people having a criminal record for the rest of their lives, including gang members who do not commit any serious crimes. However, many gang members don’t want this criminal record, and they often use drugs or alcohol to ease the mind-set of a hard-core criminal life, or even gain money to commit a crime. But not all gang members are violent, and they most often come from the less criminal side of gangs.

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