What’s MC short for?

I’ve never seen anyone come in and say the word “MC”. It’s supposed to be short for “Make My Day!!!” or something like that. I used to be one of the people who would be running around with the camera out and would say “Make My Day!!” but that has become a bit of an old school thing for me now.

I think it’s the modern way for rappers to take care of their fans and take care of their businesses and stuff like that.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you?

There was this one situation in Toronto where I got an autograph at a restaurant on the train and a guy was like “You don’t have nothing to do with rappers”. It was like a weird turn of events.

Where can people find you?

On the “MC Show” on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the new album, I think it’ll be coming out on September 19th. At the moment I’m on Twitter when I’m not in the studio.

Why do you have a twitter and youtube channel?

I don’t actually remember the details. I do remember that there was a time where I put out a video on YouTube of the songs on a tracklist where I told everyone who had a certain track they needed to be on the album and I didn’t post the song title. I think the song I was on was called “M.O.J.E. (Macho On Joffrey)”.

The thing that was funny about that was that people kept saying “That is the track that I want to hear and I wish I could get that on my album.” That got me thinking: “I shouldn’t have to explain who a MC is to people who don’t know what they are”.

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I’ll leave you with the tracklist. There’s three songs on my album. First is “Bumpin’ Hoods”. I didn’t even remember that was there, but I really liked it and it is a good song. Next is “Glorious Rambles”. That’s an outtake from my first real hip-hop album, so I kind of liked it.

“Big Money” is an outtake from my second hip-hop album, so it was like the first true MC song. You’ve probably heard my songs like “Possum”, which is a different kind of song. It’s more of a rapping song