What rhymes perfect? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Definitions

It’s just an odd word to use in the way it’s used here, where it’s about something that’s impossible to be right but it’s so funny.

I mean, it’s like a joke, it’s just a funny sound.

I think if you were to take a word and take a word that’s funny in a word that rhymes with it and replace it with a funny word, it would be perfect!

It would feel more perfect that way.

Oh gosh, it would be perfection!

Oh gosh, please don’t make me do that. I’m not gonna do that. That’s not something I could ever do.

What did you think of the band’s tour? Any show or concerts that you liked?

It sounds like the band’s a bit of a joke band; it’s almost like a joke band in terms of its musicality. Like, the sound of the guitar is, like, the thing that you’re supposed to be laughing at. Like I was talking to some people yesterday, and they were like, “Why is The Strokes so much better than Arcade Fire?” “They’re always funnier than the others!” That’s true. They’ve always been great. They’re amazing. If you listen to “The Man Is The Message” you’ll hear the music that’s on that record, and you’ll understand why they’re called that. [Laughs]

So they’ve had the experience of creating that with music that they created while being an instrumental band?

Exactly. I mean, the other thing they did before is their self-titled album, which didn’t really have anything on it other than the words “Strokes” in the band name!

Yeah, and there are the title tracks from that that were released through an independent record label. So they’re a self-titled band, and they’ve had a few records with an independent label that they’ve put out after they started making songs for them. It sounds like the band has a tendency to just go with the flow.

Preservation Society — The Legend Of Rubirosa In the 50s ...

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