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RAP is the American popular music genre, which consists of rap music, as well as music produced by people who know how to rap. This music was created by black men who love and respect the black men and women who make it so successful. They use their brains, not their money to make it. And they don’t sell the music. They pay the artists and they do it for free.”

We are listening to someone who has spent decades creating music from the ground up, and he’s not going on about a rap thing. Instead, he’s offering an alternative to the current political climate.

So, we’re really left with the choice of embracing a racist caricature or looking at hip-hop as a creative medium, and accepting it as such. While he’s acknowledging rap is a form of culture that can and does benefit society, his take isn’t really a critique of white rappers, and it’s not a criticism of rap itself. But it is a critique of how white people have come to understand rap as “good music.” That’s not the way any of the mainstream narratives about the genre have been written, and that’s why we can’t seem to get past “hip-hop” as an identity marker.

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So, here’s a good point: There is no “hip-hop,” except if your white ancestors made a decision to think that hip-hop was a way to get through segregation.

As an artist, you have to be in the art business to understand the importance of what you do, and if you don’t want your music to be seen as a form of cultural activism, you can’t write about it with the right credentials. But, here’s another good piece of advice to young rappers and artists: Stop. We are not going to understand anything about your music unless we understand that it isn’t about you. And in the process of writing a book about rap, you may find yourself inadvertently explaining why hip-hop is no longer rap.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has approved, by a 10-5 vote, an order blocking enforcement of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate mandating employers to cover contraception.

The order’s approval comes amid a legal battle between the Obama administration and four religious corporations, with the companies alleging that the mandate amounts to a form of government infringement on religious freedom. The lawsuit was originally filed in December 2014 and is backed by religious organizations who are members of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal

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