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In the film, they all wear long black and white overalls and long-tailed hats, similar to the iconic hip-hop look.

Who is the one who gives a girl a new pair of eyes?

Cory from the movie.

Was the song about this person?

Yes. It is about a man who wants to have a relationship with her for his own sake, but her mind isn’t really interested.

Tell us more about the lyrics?

“You have a sweet face. But your mouth is too thin. I hate how your voice sounds like a little girl’s. You’re not so much, huh. It’s probably because you’re like that and you’ve got black eyes and brown hair.”

“She should listen to all you guys. They just listen to each other; they never listen to her.”

“I feel sorry for you.”

“What do you mean by sorry? You can’t go and give a guy a blow job because you’re too damn tall?”

“You look like a real fucking retard. You’re not supposed to be a girl. You’re like a fucking doll. A doll dressed up like a doll.”

“I’m gonna let you get out of this relationship today.”

What is the origin of the name?

Tallest girl at the mall

Do you know this guy?


Why don’t you have sex with him?

Because he’s tall

Do you have to show up on time for your date?


Do you make the date? Nope

When are you willing to date him?

He doesn’t have to come. I’m not really interested. He’s just another dick.”

“When is it time to start?”


Tell me about the relationship?

“I want to meet him in person in two weeks. We have to meet in my office.”

Did you date him?

No, I don’t want to date him too! I need a different person. He’s just another dick.”

Did you meet a guy he liked?


He’s taller, better looking, rich.

“Oh my god. You are dating a dude who is taller. He’s nice looking, not as pretty as you, obviously, but he is wealthy. He’s

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