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What does that mean?

On my albums.

What is the most powerful piece of your music?

Me & You. I’m not as strong on the production and don’t like songs that make me feel like an old man, but I love the song ‘Me & You’. It represents so much of me and that feeling was what I had the most fun trying to get at [in the studio].

Why are you not a professional artist?

My dad didn’t want me to be. The reason behind that is the idea was if I worked for people, I’d feel like I wasn’t worthy [of] my own success. They wanted me to be a person who could make great music without getting paid.

Has your dad ever come across any problems?

Some guys in my home town, they tried to get ahold of me when I was young and they would say, ‘We want your dad to die’; they wanted me to end my own life. And I said, ‘I won’t do that to you… I love you’. So they left me alone.

Is it hard to be a part of such a diverse group of artists?

In life, you have to choose your role. I’m not making people sit outside and listen to me for six and a half months. It’s been great. Sometimes you just don’t meet anybody when you’re young and you’re going out to have fun with your friends. And then you have to grow as an adult. You’re always looking towards your next opportunity; you do different things and you find your direction and you do what you want to do. So it’s been really great.

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