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Just use the iPhone’s microphone. This is how it works. [MUSIC: W.J. Kelly, “I Was a Fool]” (from “Mental”]


I used to be so good.
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So why did I make so much mistakes? I’m a fool, I know that I’m a fool. I’m a fool. But I know I’m not. I’m a fool. But I’m a fool. You’ve been so good, I know I’ve been so smart.

So why do you think I made so many mistakes? I did the wrong things. I was trying to get better. I knew it was going to help me, so I didn’t give a damn about not getting better.

But a bunch of the songs I did, I wanted to make, like “It’s All About You,” I wanted to make that. But then I thought about the rest of them and they’re pretty bad.

But I guess the big thing about this show, which is not about me — I’m gonna say this is real shit — the big thing about this show, is it’s not about what happened to me and all these mistakes I made to a guy who’s a good man and has a good family. It’s about all of these guys in this industry who have made a whole lot more than me, all the way to the point that you’re sitting there looking at this thing, and you could not be nicer than me. I feel sorry for all those guys, because these people should have known better.

And I’ve put these songs, those other songs on here where I get down and sad or whatever. There’s no bitterness, in any of these songs at all. So that’s my version of forgiveness, which is so real in a way.


I’m just a man, I’m just a normal human being.

So there’s no wrong with being a man and being a normal human being. There’s wrong with being bad. There’s wrong with being the monster who can’t understand how to be a normal human being.

I’m not saying no, I’m trying to be more positive, but if I had to pick, I would say “don’t go to the cops, do drugs, get married,” because I’ve been through it before, and it’s not a

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