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What if it has enough depth? What if he can turn on the volume with a verse, but not with the music?


But, that’s where the brilliance lies. The best rapper needs depth, to bring his message to the listener at the same time as he raps. But, he could just as easily go into a club and rap to the people who come into the club, the crowd – the only difference being the music itself isn’t going to bring everyone to the same place. Instead, let’s just let everyone hear the best and most profound message that the most charismatic leader in the world can possibly offer. He’ll still give it all over the beat but the listener will hear an incredible message over the mix of his voice. If he could get everyone in the club – and the crowd in the club – talking, he has found the perfect weapon for his lyrical art. Even if he’s getting booed or ignored.

And, that’s the genius of Drake, and it’s why he has such an allure in the rap game. He’s such a great rapper that no one can hear the rest of the song, and he has just as easily rapped over the beat, and the whole story, as he has rapped over the song.

And, if you’re looking for another reason that there’s something special about Drake, and not just because he raps like a maniac, you just have to check out what he did on that ‘I Want It That Way’ beat (above) where he is rapping a song that is all about being himself. I’m also sure that he’s never been this open about his lyrics being in part his way of “putting his life on the line…”

I also have a big thing about the fact that he has an incredible song called ‘Take Care’ (above) where he raps about how he’s trying to save money after the breakup with his fiancée (that he and Beyoncé broke up before they even had sex). I mean, he goes into great detail about not being able to afford everything he’d planned for before he went out, then he has to go into ‘Take Care’ and the fact that ‘he has no money for his fiancée’ because the fiancée’s mom ‘isn’t rich.'” (Source)

I really, really love this story. This was the most honest and genuine of all those quotes about money that I’ve pulled off the net. At one

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