What is free energy with magnet? – Spontaneous Gibbs Free Energy Equation With Entropy Journal

What kind of energy does magnet have?

Free energy with magnetic field can be defined as the amount of energy (potential energy) the magnetic field has to transfer between the magnet (the body) and whatever the material is (whether it is mass or energy). That is, if a magnet with a strong magnetic field and a field of force is placed on a mass, free energy can be said to be the product of the net force and the magnitude of the magnetic field.

What is magnet’s magnetic force?

How strong do magnets have magnetic torque?

Which kind of energy (electromagnetic or non-magnetic) can be created by magnets?

Which kind of energy (electromagnetic or non-magnetic) can be de-energized by magnets?

A magnet always needs another magnet to be turned to work, for the force of action comes from that of the other magnet (an electromagnet). We use the term ‘magnet’ to describe a magnetic field and the term ‘field’ to describe the direction of the magnetic field. If we have two magnets and point towards each other, the two magnets will pull each other towards the other, the magnetic field (as a whole) can be called a field (like an electric field) and the direction of its direction will be called a magnetic field. The two magnet’s fields will, when combined into a single vector (a vector that points in three directions), cancel each other out. What we mean by that is that they will not interfere in any way, and it can be said that they are mutually repelling magnets.

An electric conductor (as opposed to a magnetic conductor, which is an electromagnetic conductor) is one type of magnetic field (an electric field), and a non-magnetized conductor is another type. So, for example, a conductive belt, made up of a set of magnets, is called an electric conductor and a non-magnetized belt is called a non-magnetic conductor. In some cases (e.g. when magnetized conductors are used in an electric belt system), this is also called an electromagnet. A magnetic field produces a force (a force that makes one magnet push another and the two magnets will cancel each other out). The strength of the force depends on the strength of the magnetic field. If the magnetic field is strong enough, the force between the magnets is strong enough to turn a magnet to work.


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